The wide range of modalities available today for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms places the clinical neurosurgeon in front of a decision-making process, shared with the “neurovascular team” and with the patient, which needs constantly evolving knowledge.
The vascular neurosurgeon is now called to deal with a lower number of cases of cerebral aneurysm than in previous decades, but more complex and for which microsurgery sometimes represents the best therapeutic option. The clipping of a cerebral aneurysm requires a deep knowledge of the anatomy as well as excellent surgical skills. In a time where a substantial number of aneurysms is treated by endovascular methods, it becomes more challenging to gain and to improve the surgical skills necessary to clip an aneurysm and to perform by-passes.
This Congress will provide a great opportunity to get theoretical knowledge on surgical skills about the safe application of clips and to perform a by-pass. It will be a international faculty consists of world renowned vascular and endovascular neurosurgeons that will provide insights into their technical skills and experiences.
The continuous exchange of experiences, the discussion of cases and surgical videos, the specific microsurgical training together with permanent “training” paths on laboratory preparations, represent the virtuous path through which to train the new generation of vascular neurosurgeons.

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Torino, 21 aprile 2023